What is DMIRAGE?

[D - MI - RAGE]

A luxury cannabis social lounge, where membership is exclusive and events cater to the taste of discerning customers. Enjoy exclusive products, events and merchandise in Detroit, MI.  Enjoy gourmet infused dining with Chef Harvey and Divine Epicurean. D 'Pantry exclusively opened for members, which has sample products for members to taste.  D 'Pantry offers a wide array of food products from cooking oils to candy.


Expect more from your cannabis experience. 


Image by Kimzy Nanney

Smoker Friendly

Created to give smokers the space to enjoy their smoke and their activities in the same place. Rent VIP Rooms for more privacy and order food from Divine Epicurean. 

 Lounge around while taking a hit.  


Black & White Portrait of an Attractive

Our Owner

Majorie Harvey


Detroit Based Chef

Ganja Goddess


"I love to give people a good time and get them high" 

"Cannabis helps open your mind to new possibilities."