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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's included in the membership?

A: Each level has different benefits such as discounts, events, merchandise, etc. To learn more, please contact us. 

2. How do I apply?

A: Submit an inquiry through our contact page. You will receive an email with instructions. Approval takes 48-72 hours to review.

3. When do I pick up my mystery bag?

A: At the first of the month, bag will be available and will remain available for seven days.

4. What happens to mystery bag if I do not picked up? 

A: The amount of bag will roll over into the next month.

5. Can I bring guests to Members Only events?

A: No. Non-Member prices apply to guests of members for any non-member events.

6. Am I allowed to rent the space without being a member?

A: Yes. However, the event has to be approved by our event manager and has not been booked by a member. Please send us a message on the contact page. 

7. Is there food in the facility?

A: Yes, Divine Epicurean will have a nightly menu as well as rotating menu. The food can be infused at additional cost. D'Pantry is open for snacks and drinks.

8. Where are you located?

A: Physical Location coming in 2022. Currently, operating in a private location in Detroit, MI. 

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